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Operation Correct That Error: An example

With the deadline coming up next week (7 a.m. Friday Aug. 14) for the final version of your Correct That Error post, here’s an example of the sort of report I’m looking for. This is drawn from the case we reviewed in class last week and isĀ summarized in slides 5-10 in the deck posted from our July 27 class.

As discussed in class, I recognize that not everyone will be successful in getting a correction made. The point of this exercise is to increase your critical reading habits and to help you explore the process of pointing out a mistake and seeking a correction. I also want you to experience the corrections process from the perspective of a reader/viewer/listener.

Although getting the fix made is an objective of the assignment, I’ll also assess the quality of your discussion of whatever your experience has been in finding an error, reporting it to the people responsible and seeking an appropriate correction. I intend the brief post below more as an example of how you might proceed than a blueprint for particulars.

All about the numbers (and their meaning)

Since I’d been wondering how Joe Biden might figure in the 2016 presidential race (more in terms of his support than his candidacy), I was drawn to a July 27 Boston Globe story whose headline promised no more than it delivered: “Biden’s plans for 2016 still a mystery.” Continue reading Operation Correct That Error: An example